See how the rest of the world lives, organized by income | Anna Rosling Rönnlund

What does it look like when someone in Sweden brushes their teeth or when someone in Rwanda makes their bed? Anna Rosling Rönnlund wants all of us to find out, so she sent photographers to 264 homes in 50 countries (and counting!) to document the stoves, bed, toilets, toys and more in households from every income bracket around the world. See how families live in Latvia or Burkina Faso or Peru as Rosling Rönnlund explains the power of data visualization to help us better understand the world.

US Power Costs & Availability


According to information from EIA.GOV the USA could be looking at a coal shortfall, this could potentially, dramatically effect electricity generation in the USA; This could lead to large scale price instability and availability shortfalls. As you can see from the charts we produce most of our energy via Coal and Natural Gas Power Plants. Please take preparations for possible grid outages and or price fluctuations in Electric Utility Rates.


I highly encourage our members and the public to familiarize themselves with the following price report information from EIA:

Silver and Gold, Is it worth it?

Hello, this is an analysis of the purpose behind investing in Gold and Silver.

Why should we invest in Gold, Silver and Copper? (as well as key industrial metals)

Gold, Silver and Copper, along with a handful of lesser industrial metals, are the standard for economic stability. Your federal reserve notes, or “Dollar bills” are a representation of the Gold and Silver market, without holding onto Physical Gold and Silver. While Federal reserve notes are legal tender used to purchase commodities and goods, they are next to worthless should the real world market experience a collapse. Gold and Silver, is tangible, unwavering and the value will always exist. Where as your paper dollar bill will be nothing more than kindling, Silver and Gold can buy you what you need, in a post market collapse. Your family will depend on what you invest in.


The market for Gold, Silver, and lesser used Platinum and Copper, are always fluctuating. The prices change. Therefore it is important to monitor the standard prices and make your purchases strategically to get the best bang for your buck. Selling is also a good way to invest in your future. Play the market right, and you could easily make a fortune.


Alright, but which should I buy? Where do I start?

The most popular buys in the Silver market (which I recommend as a starting point) are 1 oz Silver rounds or Bars. They are exactly the same, aside from being shaped differently. They are easy to invest in for beginners, and still hold value, in the grand scheme of things.

One of several websites you can begin your Gold and Silver investment journey, is

Here, you can find a more in depth discussion on where to begin.

Start out small, you don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars into Silver, nor Thousands into Gold, outright. As of this post, the price for Silver is $16.59 per oz and Gold at $1,319.40. per oz.

Yes, it’s worth it.

Thank you, and good luck should you choose to invest.



PrepperCon Event

Event concluded: DIAU Members attended PrepperCon there were nice venders and a lot of diverse gears.


The PrepperCon event is upon us, for May 18th – 19th, at the Mountain America Expo Center.

Survival skills, gear, homesteading, weapons and bugout training, information. I think it will be imperative for DIAU members to attend this event to get a better insight on all just listed.

Tickets are $15 per person, plan accordingly.

Emergency Server Maintenance Completed

I am very happy to announce the successful completion of our server migrations.

Whats Changed?

  • Sharded Services.
  • MySQL Optimization.
  • Web Server Optimization.
  • New Service Provider.
  • Hard Backup of all our stuff has been made.
  • Added IPv6 to our DNS system.


  • Sharded Services & MySQL Optimization:

Individual services such as the MySQL database can fail without taking the entire Web Server along with it. (Assuming services on the Web Server do not need to access the MySQL database).

  • IPv6 added:

Like it or not the world has moved on, IPv4 is soon to fade into a memory as more and more ISP’s are no longer able to provide dual stack service (IPv6 + IPv4) address to their clients.

  • New Service Provider:

This is a good thing as we outgrew our previous providers available bandwidth and we were seeing allot of bottleneck.

  • Hard Backup:

Well as it is we can now recover from a catastrophic event that may corrupt/ infect/ destroy/ damage/ alter/ delete our servers data. We hope to never have to use these backups; but we have them just in case now.